Welcome to Sunspire Solar

Our Mission:

Sunspire Solar is a team of solar developers and financial analysts that collaborate with commercial and industrial property owners to develop revenue-generating solar electricity, with no cost to them.


Renewable energy is one of the fastest growing sectors in the US. Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) set renewable energy targets for states to be reached by a certain date. For example, the RPS requirement in Massachusetts is to reach 35% by 2030. Combine this with rising utility electricity rates and the solution is easy – solar energy is the way forward.

It is crucial to move forward quickly with solar, while incentives are still available before demand becomes overwhelming. In addition to individual states' incentive programs, there is a lucrative 30% federal tax credit, which is set to drop to 26% in 2020. Financial investors want to be involved now while these are available at a profitable level.

Current Market:

The solar market is booming!

Due to solar energy's increasing popularity as an additional source of revenue, the number of solar installers and developers is drastically increasing throughout the US.

Whether they operate nationally or in localized areas, they all offer different designs, quotes and recommendations. So, while the market is growing, it is becoming more confusing and time consuming for a company to sift through multiple proposals and quotes in a crowded market.