About Sunspire Solar

How does Sunspire Solar work?

Sunspire Solar is made up of professional consultants, financial analysts, and solar engineers that specialize in evaluating a property's solar potential. We design and engineer an optimal system for commercial property owners. Our hastle free process makes it easy and affordable for businesses to procure solar electricity.


Roof Mounts

Roof Mount solar systems can be suited to many types of roof structures, whether it be different building materials, slopes, or layouts. Some systems can even be designed with zero roof penetration. Roof Mount systems are perfect for large buildings with minimal roof obstructions.



Carports are the future of solar. Not only do carports have the potential to bring in a substantial amount of savings, but they provide overhead coverage to vehicles without requiring any additional space. Carports are low maintenance and can save property owners money on snow removal costs.


Ground Mounts

Ground Mounts can be mounted on almost any part of your property. Along with the financial benefits, ground mount systems can be built in large quantities and in many different configurations. Have uneven land? Sunspire Solar will help you figure out any details of your parcel reconfiguration.


Sunspire Solar simplifies this entire process by designing and developing
the project, and bringing everyone together.

We use the method of:


We do the designing, engineering and paperwork necessary to make your solar dream a reality.

Pricing Transparency

Sunspire Solar is partnered with many lending institutions and installers to guarantee you the best price for your system.


We gather and compare the information while our solar analysts and consultants keep you informed throughout the entire process.